Municipal Public Library in Lublin mbp Lublinis a modern institution with over 100 years of experience. Not only operating in almost 40 different locations in Lublin, but is also know for its innovative approach to promoting reading and creating bonds in local communities at the same time. Cooperation with the library resulted in creating flagship events of the C4i campaign: Rumours Exchange Shop, “Lublin Rumourseaters’ Media Workshops, CafeDialog and meetings with books authors.


stowarzyszenie_dla_ziemi_logo“Dla Ziemi” Association was created in 1995 and since then tens of projects have been implemented – both small, dedicated to local communities – improving educational chances of children in rural areas, youth exchange programmes, activation of young people towards volunteer activities and inventing their own projects – and large projects targeted at the most important group “Dla Ziemi” works with: refugees and migrants. The Association is currently implementing projects: “STRANGER? Close ups” and “We want to live in Poland” as well as a project dedicated to female refugees and migrants “Voice of Women”.  Another type of activity is led by Youth Group SZUM which is working on building Rural Centre of Alternative Technologies. The centre is to enable young people construction of their own houses in eco – technology, without mortgages, debts, in harmony with tradition and nature and cooperative cooperation. Within the Local Network, members of the Association helped to organise a meeting about the situation of refugees in one of Lublin neighbourhoods, Bronowice, providing their input in the form of photographs presenting families of refugees living in and around Lublin.

Homo Faber Association has been operating since 2014 and its main area of interest is the relation between an HF_logoindividual and authorities.  The mission is to critically and substantially observe if the authorities fulfil their duties and if they respect human rights and freedoms. The Association undertakes advocacy in favour of minority and underprivileged groups, counteracts discrimination because of sex, political or religious believes, race, skin colour, ethnicity, language, age and sexual orientation. In its work, Homo Faber seeks to follow and understand the challenges ahead of modern states, grasp new social trends, ask questions and look for answers and solutions to problems. On a more practical note – the Association has been a pioneer when it comes to welcoming foreigners in Lublin. For several years “Kapownik” – a practical calendar with tips on surviving in Lublin was published in 3 different languages; organises walks around Lublin to enable foreigners to get to know places and pats they might not have a chance to discover on their own. Thanks to the cooperation with the Association we have conducted trainings for anti rumours agents and prepared a manual for trainers to be able to use the methodology on their own.

                                               TEAM Teatrikon Foundation is a local NGO working with youth and students. There are 30 young people on the   logo pion kolor przezroczysteteam and they work in local communities, across Poland and internationally. The main projects cover 6 regions of Poland, strategic cooperation with over 20 high schools in Lublin, 4 universities and the Municipality of Lublin. Every year in the projects of the Foundation over 5000 of young people take part. There are 3 key areas of work: Creativity, Education and Activation. Thanks to Teatrikon we were able to reach a group of high school students who took part in “Lublin Rumourseaters” Media Workshops, as well as… seniors, who participated in antirumours workshop.


The Rule of Law Institute‘s Mission is to promote the development of the rule of law in Poland, and through Poland’s example in other transitional countries. The rule of law is a cornerstone of the development of a society based on respect for individuals, protection of human rights and a free and democratic society. The Foundation seeks to strengthen the rule of law through training; public awareness campaigns; provision of technical assistance; development and implementation of innovative programs and undertaking active partnership with legal professionals, non-governmental organizations, appropriate organs of government and international organizations with similar goals. Rule of Law Institute is a local expert in legal councelling for foreigners. Innovative project “Login:Lublin” is also being implemented by the Foundation, as it has always been very active in supporting migrants.

Volunteers Centre has been operating in Lublin since 1999. The idea came from activities of youth and priesthood logo_cw_krzyweinvolved in the Centre of Priesthood of Youth of Lublin Archdiocese and contacts with the leader of Italian voluntary service, Staś Gawroński. There were many reasons why such activities were much needed in Lublin. Since then, almost 20 000 persons undertook voluntary service. Voluntary Service Centre coordinates the work of volunteers, teaches them, promotes and inspires local communities. Voluntary Services Centre got involved in the Local Network and was mainly responsible for organizing the meeting about the refugees in Lublin. The organization also helped with making of the videos during the “Lublin Rumourseaters” Media Workshops.


logo WKWorkshops of Culture is a municipal culture institution promoting “active culture” and building an offer for persons seeking acting involvement into cultural life. Along with many cultural events organized by the Workshops of Culture yearly, one has brought our attention: the Volunteers of Culture programme, which now will be enriched with the antirumours module. Within the Local Network, Workshops of Culture were exploring the possibilities of increasing foreigners’ participation in cultural life of Lublin.

tu obok Foundation is a local organization in every way. It was created to meet the needs of a local neighbourhood logo_tu obok(Wieniawa) residents and it is for them all of the Foundation’s activities are held. There are a few important cornerstones of the Foundation: respecting citizens and social rights, ecology, sustainable development, fair trade, opens, transparency, full access to information.  Within the Local Network, together with tu obok Foundation, we went on a search for rumours among Wieniawa residents. 

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