“We are all foreigners sometimes” was created entirely by a group of high school students from Lublin. This is how the workshops’ instruktor, Marcin Kulczycki, recalls the experience:

“The starting point to create the concept of the document was the urge to find out what Polish people think about foreigners and what foreigners think of the Polish people. This is why we came up with a few simple questions we wanted to ask the residents of Lublin. To place the set somewhere immediately associated with our city, we chose “Po Farze” Square in the Old Town. The participants divided tasks among themselves and each one was in charge of their own part. The answers were sometimes a surprise for everybody and the final effect exceeded our expectations”.



“Our Voice” is an entirely off production. All of it, starting with the questions and production in one of Lublin high schools, was a creation of a group of “Lublin Rumourseaters” Media Workshops participants. The role of the instructor, Maciej Misztal, was supporting the cutting and editing the material to it’s current version.

“Everyone has a phone with a camera nowadays. One move and we can make movies! A smartphone, regardless of its limitations, is a great tool to create a short documentary. Wokshops’ participants, meeting their peers, asked them questions about foreigners and recorded their answers. Together, they all became a voice of Lublin high school students’ generation” – says Maciej.



“Don’t judge the book by its cover”  is another production of a group of Lublin high school students participating in the Lublin Rumourseaters Media Workshops.

“During the workhops we talked a lot about stereotypes towards foreigners. We were surprised how many of them referred directly to persons from Arab countries. We challenged ourself to prepare a video that will try to undermine or break these stereotypes in a funny way. The participants prepared the script of the video taking place in a cinema themselves. The main character is a very talkative Arab.. The star of the vide is Assef Salloom, resident of Lublin. When he came to the filmset carrying… a guitar, which was a total surprise for us. It was the best prove of how limited we all are by stereotypes. We decided to make use of our star’s passion in our video. “ – eksplains Maciej Misztal, one of the Lublin Rumourseaters creators.


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