Thanks to the members of the C4i Local Network in Lublin, many initiatives were possible and even more ideas were created. Please meet the people who made it all happen:

Armine Ożga – Margaryan:  sociologist, carreers councellor working in the Voluntary Service Centre in Lublin where she manages the project “Omnes Gentes – Integration in Lubelskie Region”. Teacher of multicultural education. After over 20 years of living in Poland and with immigrant background herself, she took on a role of refugees voice in the radio eR, where she created her own show “Because I was a stranger”. Co-founder of Armenian Association in Lublin.


There are 3625 foreigners living in Lublin
(Municipality of Lublin, 2015)

Marina Belokoneva-Shiukashvili, Georgia citizen specializing in linguistics and rehabilitation. One of co-founders of Cultural-Educational Association of Poles in Georgia “Polonia” and organizer of Polish language, history and culture courses in Georgia. Translator of Polish and Russian literature into Georgian. Currently in her doctoral studies in the Institute of Polish Language at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, she is also a local ambasador of the Bridge to Georgia organization, promoting Georgian culture and Polish-Georgian friendship in Lublin. One of the participants of the first edition of CafeDialog within the C4i.


There are 4 395 foreigners studying in Lublin
(Municipality of Lublin, 2015)

Katarzyna Pudło works for the Workshops of Culture where she is in charge for the Volunteers of Culture programme, training Lublin cultural volunteers. Passionate about sounds, awarded dancer. One of the antirumours trainers within the C4i. Her enthusiasm, passion and smile are contagious!


52,2% of Lublin residents believe foreigners are a chance for the city to develop
(C4i 1st Wave Survey, 2014)

Marta Horabik – Piasecka from the Municipal Public Library in Lublin uses non-conventional methods to promote reading among Lubliners which have been aknowledged and awarded. She received the Mayor of Lublin award in culture in 2014. Marta joined the Local Network in January 2015 and took on the work of her forerunners: Wojciech Olchowski and Beata Wijatkowska with energy and enthusiasm.


57% of Lublin residents believes that rumours may cause harm
(C4i 1st Wave Survey, 2014)

Paulina Gołębiowska, AIESEC Lublin, joined the Network in 2015, actively seeking means of engaging AIESEC Lublin in the antirumours campaign. Supported the organization of antirumours training at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and has been spreading the message in students community as well as showing what AIESEC does to the members of the Local Network.


62% of Lublin residents believes that immigrants are welcome in Lublin.
(C4i 1st Wave Survey, 2014)

Julian Hofman has been involved in the Local Network from the very beginning. Student of the European Studies at the Catholic University of Lublin and team member in the Rule of Law Institute as marketing specialist in “Lublin Regional Network of Immigrants Support III”. Interested in politics, music and sports. Great source of information about what’s new in the Ukrainian community in Lublin.


There are 2 311 Ukrainian citizens registered to live in Lublin.

Sylvie Przepióra – football enthusiast, creator of amateur female football team “Pearls of Lublin” and Peals of Lublin Association. Activist, organizer. Together with the Local Network, she organized a football game “Football is for All” to – as she says herself – promote openness and tolerance.


Foreigners community is 0,8% of Lublin population. 

Wiktoria Herun – Lubliner by choice, at the Municipality of Lublin responsible for the “Study in Lublin” programme. Actively cooperates with the universities and foreign students, helping them solve their everyday problems.


Foreign students are invited to study in Lublin by 9 universities.

Marta Sienkiewicz – involved with the Homo Faber Association from 2008. She run the foreigners help desk at the organization within the Hello project, coordinated the Homo Faber Academy project, regularly works with volunteers of the WATCH DOCS Festival, used to work with children at the Centre for Foreigners in Lublin, teaches photography and… has created her own clothing brand. Psychologist with therapeutical competences. Within the C4i, she’s the co-author of the manual for trainers of the Anti-Rumours Agents.


There are 5 NGOs in Lublin that take care of foreigners’ needs.

Dariusz Figura – inventor and activist, president of TEAM Teatrikon Foundation. Initiated Theathre Meetings “Zwierciadła”, Ukrainian language specialist and music and comedy performer. As a Workshops of Culture team member he coordinated The Night of Culture (2013 and 2014).


61% of Lubliners believes that a positive side of immigration is the increase of Poland’s attractiveness
(out of persons who took part in the “Lublin for All” survey in 2013)

Olesya Malyugina - student of doctoral studies at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, cooperates with the Homo Faber Association and Other Space (Inna Przestrzeń) Foundation in Warsaw. Anti-Rumours trainer within the C4i project (not affraid of the most difficult groups!), Rumourseater fan and advocate.


 66% of Dubliners believe that opening to people of different backgrounds is a positive side of immigration.
(out of persons who took part in the “Lublin for All” survey in 2013)

Krzysztof Janiak: media production student at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin in charge of the “Fix My Street” (Naprawmy To) platform at the Homo Faber Association. Man of many passions working in many areas at the same time! Provided media support during the C4i project.


15,5% of Dubliners has lived abroad for at least 6 months
(out of persons who took part in the “Lublin for All” survey in 2013)

Monika Stolat – manager of culture working at the Centre of Culture in Lublin where she manages Scena Prapremier InVitro and works as a fundraiser. Worked with Maat Project Theatre, Workshops of Culture, one of the music clubs in Lublin, organized film festivals and others.


41% of Lubliners meets foreigners every day or a few times a week
(C4i 2nd Wave Survey, 2015)

Karol Rzepecki – musicologist, pianist, social activist engaged in many citizens’ initiatives in Lublin. Joined the Local Network as a volunteer at the Rumours Exchange Shop and sticked with us until the end of the project, supporting us with his knowledge and skills.


 58% of Lubliners accepts foreigners as their bosses.
(C4i 2nd Wave Survey, 2015)

Magdalena Kawa - political scientist working in the field of intercultural education and promotion. At “Dla Ziemi’ Association she coordinates the project “Voice of Women” which aims to counteract discrimination and hate speech towards refugees as well as professional activation of women migrants.


Wojciech Olchowski. Media educationist, photography and video instructor. Professionally linked to marketing and public relations, especially of social initiatives and institutions. In 2009-2013 engaged in international volunteer service (among others Bal Ashram Kailasha Satyarthi in India, Venesuela, Latvia). Most recently he was involved in updating Municipal Public Library’s brand and public relations, participatory budget at the library and “Clean Lublin” initiative. Creator of the slogans of the C4i campaign and its visual concept, responsible for one of the groups within the “Lublin Rumourseaters” Media Workshops.


Beata Wijatkowska - coorganizes and promotes cultural events at the Municipal Public Library in Lublin and for that reason it seemed natural that Beata joined our efforts in organizing social-cultural activities within the C4i. Thanks to her contacts, experience and outstanding intuition she has protected us against any mistakes and made sure everything was described and promoted the way it should be.



Photos: Oksana Tsymbaliuk for the Municipality of Lublin, 2014-2015.
Photos of Magdalena Kawa, Wojciech Olchowski and Beata Wijatkowska come from the campaign “Faces of Lublin – Lublin for All” conducted in 2014.

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