According to the number of foreigners registered to live in Lublin – which is the only indicator we can base our estimations on a municipal level – number of foreigners in Lublin is 0,8% of total population of our city.

Sylvie Przepiora


In January 2015 there were 3 625 foreigners registered as residents in Lublin, out of which the most (2 859 persons) were registered to stay over 3 months, 652 to stay permanently and 114 persons to stay for a period of time shorter than 3 months.

Armine Margaryan

Comparing to April 2014, the number of foreigners registered as residents in Lublin has increased by 870 persons.

The biggest number of persons registered as residents are:

Ukrainians: 2 311 persons
Belarusians: 196 persons
Turkish: 153 persons.

Yulian Hofman

In total, there are people from 84 countries and all continents living in Lublin. It is still 3 countries less than in April, 2014.



There are people speaking in at least 75 languages living in Lublin. How do we know that? We counted the number of persons registered as residents in Lublin, the countries they come from and what languages they may speak. We also know that this number may as well be larger, as not all persons living in Lublin are registered as residents, they may also speak more than one language at a time…


There are 4 395 foreign students in Lublin. It is 1 361 persons more than last year.

Marina Shiukashvili

Among students, the largest groups are represented by people from:

Ukraine: 2803
Taiwan: 327
USA: 181
Belarus: 180
Norway: 146

studentki zagraniczne


In total, there are people from 92 countries studying at 9 universities in Lublin. There are 1131 foreign students studying at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, 1095 at Medical University, 525 at Vincent Paul University in Lublin (WSSP), 463 at Catholic University of Lublin, 445 at University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI), 339 at Lublin University of Technology, 284 at University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPiA), 101 at University of Life Sciences in Lublin and 12 at University of Social Sciences in Lublin (WSNS)

Wiktoria Herun



There are 5 NGOs in Lublin working with and for migrants and foreigners:

  1. Caritas of Lublin Archdiocese – providing help for refugees
  2. Rule of Law Institute – providing legal assistance and networking institutions and organisations
  3. Centre of Voluntary Service Association – offering help to refugees and managing voluntary group of foreigners OMNES GENTES
  4. “Dla Ziemi” Association – offering help to refugees and focusing on the needs of women migrants
  5. Homo Faber Association – welcoming activities for foreigners in Lublin – walks, culture&language lessons, practical guide to Lublin “KAPOWNIK”

Marta Sienkiewicz

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