Have you ever heard expressions like “Immigrants receive more financial aid to open their businesses, and they don’t pay taxes…”; “Immigrants are overcrowding our health services…” or “Immigrants don’t want to integrate or learn our language…”? Such ideas, generally unsupported by facts and data, target specific groups as ‘problematic’ and generate mistrust and social conflict.

C4i-Communication for Integration, co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Commission (European Integration Fund), targets prejudices, rumours and stereotypes by using viral information techniques to provide evidence-based answers to common misconceptions. Active participation from citizens as “anti-rumor agents” is a key feature of C4i.

The project is based on a partnership network of 11 cities, working together to implement an innovative public policy to promote life –peace, diversity and social cohesion.

C4i - Miasta

Within the project, each city built their own Local Network, trained the trainers and antirumours agents as well as created their own campaign promoting diversity and engaged their residents to participate in many cultural activities. This is how the European catalogue of antirumour activities was created.

CITIES FREE OF RUMOURS: How to build an anti-rumour strategy in my city

cities free of rumours

C4i has been implemented in Lublin by the Chancellory of the Mayor from June,2014 until the end of June,2015.

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